What did the parking lot say to the garage

Parking areas are fraught with factors that make them danger zones: the presence of pedestrians; the relaxed attitudes of drivers who no longer are in traffic; blind spots and reduced sightlines because of parked vehicles; delivery trucks; more frequent turning; and, of course, distracted drivers and pedestrians.

Inthe National Safety Council polled nearly 2, drivers about their attitudes toward distracted driving. Of those, 67 percent of adult drivers said they felt at risk from other drivers who are distracted by technology, and 25 percent said they put themselves or others at risk because of their own use of technology while driving. But for every variety of distraction — phone calls, texting, grooming, use of social media, etc. If an employee has a recordable injury during work hours in the company parking area — whether driving, exiting or entering a vehicle or walking — the incident is considered work-related.

What can be done, then, other than employers appealing to their workers to stay alert and off their devices coming and going from company parking lots and garages?

what did the parking lot say to the garage

The first and most important step employers can take, experts say, is to institute a traffic safety program. Such proactive steps can extend to the design of the parking lot and policies regarding driver and pedestrian behavior, said Lee Cannon, a trustee with the Fraternal Order of Police.

Portions of parking lots and garages can be set aside strictly for compact cars to avoid visibility issues. There can be back-in-only areas as well, he added.

Employers can solidify their policies with a safety review of their parking areas. The Parking Advisory Group LLC designs parking areas, but also analyzes existing lots and makes recommendations for improvements, keeping in mind that the federal government has no national standards for safety in parking lot design despite the number of incidents that occur there.

Marcus favors one-way lanes to minimize driver distraction and methods to minimize speed. He said speed bumps can cause distracted drivers to lose control of the vehicle and are hazards for pedestrians. He prefers rumble strips, placed closer together the nearer they are to pedestrian areas. The tightly packed strips produce a sound that makes the driver think he or she is accelerating, Marcus said.

Raised crosswalks make it clear that people walk in that area and force drivers to slow down. Marcus noted that he has worked with a company that used radar and digital displays to show parking lot drivers their speed, and that repeat speeding offenders were made to park in a lot farther away. Lighting: Outside lighting should be up high, powerful and maintained; one dim area can cause an incident for workers on early and late shifts.

what did the parking lot say to the garage

In a garage, it gets more nuanced. Because the contrast between bright daylight and a shadowed garage can cause drivers momentary blindness upon entering, he overlights entrances to minimize the transition. Most drivers know the maneuvering difficulty of parking between two vehicles in degree parking spaces; oncoming cars make it not only difficult, but dangerous. Graphics: Messages must be simple and, when possible, familiar. Spaces and directional arrows should be clearly painted with reflective paint and well-maintained.

Once drivers are out of their cars, they should refrain from walking between vehicles. Incidents involving vehicles are not the only safety concern as employees walk in and out of the building. Damaged surfaces can cause trips and weatherized surfaces can cause slips. Permeable surfaces are a good choice for sustainability-minded organizations — they keep moisture away as well as put water back into the water table.

For example, if a car crash occurs as a result of poor lighting in the parking lot, and the employers were given some warning or instructions to make repairs but did not, a second incident resulting from the lack of lighting could lead to fines and penalties.

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I would probably call them "parking slots," but I am not sure if that is correct and I could not find any reference apart from this onewhich clearly refers to a different context. According to the Collins Dictionary a parking bay is:. In American English, we generally call them parking spots. Occasionally we refer to them as parking spaces, but parking spot is what I hear most commonly.

Reading all the comments and answers so far it seems to me that both US and UK usages are actually pretty similar. A parking 'space' is the usual term for a formally delineated 'space-to-park-a-car' e. It can be impersonal and classificatory. A parking 'spot'on the other hand, is rather like a picnic spot - namely somewhere you find for the purpose of parking or picnicking irrespective of whether or not it is formally set aside for the purpose.

It is not yet! Parking bay has always sounded like a US import to my British ears. Ngrams shows 'parking bay' usage began around with ' parking bay 's first entry in the OED almost twenty years after usage begins on ngrams. In British English they are commonly known as Parking spots. We get headlines about parking spots selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and colleagues who complain that somebody has nicked their parking spot.

Here's some google hits for parking spot.

what did the parking lot say to the garage

In more formal British English these are also described as parking spaces. This is the term suggested by Longman's Dictionary :. Use parking space or parking place when you mean 'a place in a street, car park etc where a vehicle can be left'.

It depends on how precise or pedantic you want to be. In the photo you provided, a single location for a vehicle would commonly be called a parking spotparticularly in the commercial transportation industry where each location is uniquely numbered. I would propose this as the best answer regarding the information you have given. Another common term for the same thing is a parking spacethough you are probably more likely to hear that term regarding locations along a street.

Although these may also be numbered, it is not as common.I wish I had a bus ticket for every time I heard someone say this. Unless you're Manhattan or San Francisco, it is fair to say you don't have a parking problem.

I take that back. Here is a quick how-to guide for dealing with those who claim your city or town lacks adequate parking. The mindset is beautifully captured by a recent Twitter exchange. This person likely visits from the suburbs once every other month, and each visit is likely for an event or dinner on a weekend night. Paste the image into MS Paint, or similar program.

Start highlighting the open surface parking lots and parking garage structures. Don't spend a lot of time doing this. If you know your downtown, it should be straight-forward. Be honest, but don't nit-pick; this isn't a scientific peer-reviewed study.

Creating a visual can be shocking. The above blue spaces represents only off-street surface parking lots and parking garages; but do not highlight on-street or underground parking.

Also, they represent only, to the best of my knowledge, available public parking. There are a few more small parking lots but Google limited me to 75 shapes per map.

Jordan Davis - Slow Dance In A Parking Lot

Make this map and share it on social media and e-mail it to your local Council Member. Walk around your selected area during normal conditions and take photos. I did this in St.

Paul's Lowertown. Optional upgrade: convert images into black and white to maximize effect. Here is an example:. It is at this point where you may be called out as cherry-picking locations.

As a final bit of advice, make sure to also snap photos of people out and about. Do it yourself advocacy is as simple as parking. I recommend getting a cheap dashboard camera or mounting your phone and recording yourself trying to park. I called it a challenge.

It was anything but. As expected, parking was simple. Closest distance: During three of the trips, I found a spot directly on the park.

The Parking Garage

Cost: I never once paid for parking note : I did pay for gas. Shortest time spent finding a spot: 2 minutes and 15 seconds.These claims are mostly based on negligence when a property owner does not abide by the standard duty of care that they owe to visitors. Premises liability claims will typically revolve around slip and falls, vicious animals attacking, falling into swimming pools, and more.

But what happens if you are injured in a store parking lot? Who is held responsible for this based on how the accident occurred? You may think that store parking lot accidents are not too common; however, each year, more than 9, pedestrians are killed in parking lots and garages. Now, this is not to say that all parking lot accidents will involve a vehicle, but this is definitely the case for some. Here are some of the most common accidents that take place in parking lots:.

Premises liability law says that you can sue the owner of a parking lot if you are injured on their property due to negligence. The store must have failed its duty, though, and you must remember this. Property owners must take special care to watch over said property and make sure it is safe at all times, which means that if they did not know about a particular danger but reasonably should have, they can still be held liable for your injuries.

Take for example an ice case: A parking lot is iced over and you slip and fall. Your lawyer must then be able to show that the management should have known that the area would become slippery just from weather reports.

Remember: Every case is different, which is why it is impossible to know if you can recover from your parking lot injury. However, if negligence occurred, it is very possible that you will receive the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost work time, and more.

We will work with you every step of the way in your desperate time of need.

what did the parking lot say to the garage

Various Accident Types You may think that store parking lot accidents are not too common; however, each year, more than 9, pedestrians are killed in parking lots and garages. Here are some of the most common accidents that take place in parking lots: Driver Negligence: Sometimes, drivers are not paying attention to what they are doing.

Many pedestrians also feel as if they are safe in a parking lot, but this is not always the case due to the fact that drivers ignore stop signs and yield signs by their own hand. Pavement Dangers: Slip and falls happen on pavement surfaces all the time. They result from parking lots that have cracked and uneven pavement and potholes, debris and other slippery substances, weather conditions like ice and snow, and damaged or cracked wheel stops.

Poor Lighting: Sometimes, parking lots have poor lighting in them. These accidents occur and cause trip and falls. Most parking lots are attached to stores that are open well into the night, which is why this happens. Inadequate and Confusing Signage: Ineffectively placed stop, turn, and yield signs can spell trouble! Property owners are always responsible for their poor signage. Wheel Stops: These are the things that are in front of your vehicle when you pull into a parking space. If cracked pieces of cement fall off onto the pavement, it can pose an accident risk.

Visitors in parking lots may not see them and trip over them. Related Posts.A parking lot American English or car park British Englishalso known as a car lotis a cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles.

Usually, the term refers to a dedicated area that has been provided with a durable or semi-durable surface. In most countries where cars are the dominant mode of transportationparking lots are a feature of every city and suburban area. Shopping mallssports stadiumsmegachurches and similar venues often feature parking lots of immense area.

Avoiding parking lot perils

See also multistorey car park. Parking lots tend to be sources of water pollution because of their extensive impervious surfaces. Most existing lots have limited or no facilities to control runoff. Many areas today also require minimum landscaping in parking lots to provide shade and help mitigate the extent of which their paved surfaces contribute to heat islands. Many municipalities require a minimum number of parking spaces, depending on the floor area in a store or the number of bedrooms in an apartment complex.

In the United States, each state's Department of Transportation sets the proper ratio for disabled spaces for private business and public parking lots.

Various forms of technology are used to charge motorists for the use of a parking lot. Modern parking lots use a variety of technologies to help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces, retrieve their vehicles, and improve their experience.

In North America, parking minimums are requirements, as dictated by a municipality's zoning ordinance, for all new developments to provide a set number off-street parking spots. These minimums look to cover the demand for parking generated by said development at the peak times. In these reports, the ITE define a type of land use's Parking Generation through an observational study. Parking Generation is statistically found by land use's, average generation rate, the range of generation rates, the subsequent standard deviation, and the total number of studies.

To determine the parking generation rate of a building the ITE divides the peak parking observed by the floor area per square feet. This process is done by various studies to find the range. In the case of ITE studies, the observation of a single site multiple times is considered a stand-alone study. Then the average of the range is used to determine the average parking generation rate of a land use. Regardless, ITE's Parking Generation has been an influential factor In most North American cities in the adoption parking ratios, according to land use, to determine the minimum spots required by new developments.

Parking Generation, regardless of its widespread use in North American cities, is disputed as a tool to determine parking minimums due to its questionable statistical validity. Statistical significance is a major qualm with Parking Generations due to the oversimplification of how the parking generation rate is derived. Thus the calculation for the parking generation rate of a land use some would argue are inflated. Adoption of parking minimums by municipalities, base on ratios from Parking Generation had a substantial effect on urban form.

As populations grew and density dissipated automobiles became the main mode of transportation. Thus insuring that new developments insured off-street park became a necessity. Parking minimums are also set for parallel, pull-in, or diagonal parking, depending on what types of vehicles are allowed to park in the lot or a particular section of it.

Really funny jokes-Parking Lot Rules

Parking minimums initially took hold in the middle of the last century, as a way to ensure that traffic to new developments wouldn't use up existing spaces. Big cars may not fit properly in assigned parking spaces, creating issues with entering or leaving the car or blocking adjacent parking spaces.

In Europe, parking maximums are more common. As a condition of planning permission for a new development, the development must be designed so that a minimum percentage of visitors arrive by public transport. The number of parking places in the development is limited to a number less than the expected number of visitors. The effect of large scale parking in-city has long been contentious. Elimination of historic structures in favor of garages or lots led to historical preservation movements in many cities.

The acreage devoted to parking is widely seen as disrupting a walkable urban fabric, maximizing convenience to each individual building, but eliminating foot traffic among them. Large paved areas have been called "parking craters", "parking deserts", and similar terms, emphasizing their "depopulated" nature and the barriers they can create to walking movement.

The largest parking lot in the world is West Edmonton Mall. Due to a recent trend towards more livable and walkable communities, parking minimums policies requiring each building to have at least a minimum number of parking spaces have been criticized by both livable streets advocates [7] and developers alike.The episode was the sixth episode of the show's third season.

The episode was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom Cheronesand takes place entirely in a parking garage. The episode "The Parking Garage" has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The episode received a After Kramer purchases an air conditioner from a shopping mall in New Jerseyno one can remember where his car was parked in the multi-level parking garage. After carrying the air conditioner for some time, an exhausted Kramer leaves it behind one of the parked cars and tries to memorize the number of the parking space. Elaine fears that her new goldfish will die in the bag before they can arrive home, George must meet his parents by to take them out to celebrate their anniversaryand Jerry has to go to the bathroom badly.

Elaine begs various people in the parking garage to give them a ride around the building to find their car, but no one is willing to help. Kramer badgers Jerry to urinate in a corner where no one can see him. After Jerry reluctantly does so, he is spotted by a security guard and taken to the guard's office. Jerry tries to talk his way out of trouble by making up a stories about a fictional disease of "uromysitisis poisoning", before telling the truth.

George also gets caught in the act of urinating after being convinced to do so by Kramer. Both Jerry and George are fined and released. After the two find Elaine, Jerry convinces George to ask an attractive woman Cynthia Ettinger to give them a lift around the garage. The woman accepts, and they all enter her car and drive off.

The Parking Garage Where Deep Throat Spilled the Beans on Watergate Is Being Torn Down

She kicks them out after George makes disparaging remarks about Scientologynot realizing she is a Scientologist. They are dropped off right by Kramer's car but Kramer, who has the car keys, is still lost somewhere in the garage. Hours pass by as George, Jerry and Elaine wait. Finally, Kramer shows up, having gone on a hunt for the air conditioner because he forgot where he left it. Elaine's goldfish did not survive and George is well past the deadline to meet his parents.

They all get in the car, but the engine fails to start. The Parking Garage was written by Larry Davidhis fourth writing credit for the season and was directed by Tom Cheroneshis fourth directing credit for the season.

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