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Sister Helen P. All 34 of my students were dear to me, but Mark Eklund was one in a million. Mark talked incessantly. I had to remind him again and again that talking without permission was not acceptable.

What impressed me so much, though, was his sincere response every time I had to correct him for misbehaving: "Thank you for correcting me, Sister! One morning my patience was growing thin when Mark talked once too often, and then I made a novice teacher's mistake.

I looked at him and said, "If you say one more word, I am going to tape your mouth shut! It wasn't ten seconds later when Chuck blurted out, "Mark is talking again. I remember the scene as if it had occurred this morning.

I walked to my desk, very deliberately opened my drawer and took out a roll of masking tape. Without saying a word, I proceeded to Mark's desk, tore off two pieces of tape and made a big X with them over his mouth. I then returned to the front of the room. As I glanced at Mark to see how he was doing, he winked at me. That did it! I started laughing. The class cheered as I walked back to Mark's desk, removed the tape and shrugged my shoulders.

His first words were, "Thank you for correcting me, Sister. At the end of the year I was asked to teach junior high math.

The years flew by, and before I knew it Mark was in my classroom again. He was more handsome than ever and just as polite. Since he had to listen carefully to my instructions in the "new math," he did not talk as much in ninth grade as he had in the third. One Friday, things just didn't feel right. We had worked hard on a new concept all week, and I sensed that the students were frowning, frustrated with themselves —and edgy with one another.

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I had to stop this crankiness before it got out of hand. So I asked them to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then I told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down.

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It took the remainder of the class period to finish the assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed me the papers. Charlie smiled. Mark said, "Thank you for teaching me, Sister. Have a good weekend.People who had access to the Internet were far and few in between, with the stereotype of nerds and geeks the ones being online.

One would have to go to an Internet cafe, or the library, to go online. One just wonders how much has been added to that figure since then, not to mention the number of kids and teenagers. Social media has certainly changed our individual lives and the society as a whole. There are so many excellent examples of how social media has positively impacted the lives of people.

He was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months, and at age 5, all he wanted was to be Batkid and to be with Batman.

all good side paragraph

While the caped crusader does not normally show up in public and avoids crowds, he did so this time, together with a huge crowd of supporters, thank to social media. Then there are hashtags like GivingTuesdaywhich is an initiative to get people to celebrate generosity and actually give. Last year, there were over 10, nonprofit organizations that participated in the movement, not to mention countless average people and celebrities as well — social media did a lot to spread the word and get people to participate.

This year, GivingTuesday will be on December 2, so mark your calendar. On the other hand, there are negative things that can be attributed to social media as well. PsychCentral highlights the fact that social media can contribute to a negative self-perception. In America today, 6. We try to come across as living a happy, exciting, and fulfilling life when in reality, perhaps things are not as rosy as they seem to be.

Another negative thing that arises from social media is the tendency to compare yourself to others. Should we go back to the era when one had to actually type terminal commands to go online? Social Media. Share This Article. Source Social media has certainly changed our individual lives and the society as a whole.

The good and bad of social media The good There are so many excellent examples of how social media has positively impacted the lives of people. The bad On the other hand, there are negative things that can be attributed to social media as well. What now?

all good side paragraph

Freelance writer, book lover, professional nap-taker, wannabe beach bum.Last Updated on 15th October We — I hope this includes you — all have that awesome female friend who touches our lives greatly and awesomely. Go on. Let them know you love and appreciate them too. If you find it hard, we are here to help you.

We provided here, perfect messages you can use to spread love and appreciation. Just copy and put a smile on a face. My friend, you have been a very amazing person to me. You have touched me in many positive ways. You are beautiful, amazing and the kind of person I will kill for.

You make me believe that we were wonderfully made. Your amazing instinct has saved us a lot. Thanks for being my friend. I love you a lot. I have never had a friend as awesome as you.


Being your friend has made me change from being a naive boy to being a bold and strong boy. Even as a girl, you were free with me. You never let your standards drop, but you were very accommodating.

You created in me a new man and a beautiful one too. I love having you as a friend. I hope the feeling is mutual. You are a friend and more than that.

I consider you to be family. I wonder why you have such a beautiful heart and how you manage to bear it, but it is awesome and I love it. I love you, dearie. Dear friend. You mesmerize me. Everyone that has spoken to me about you all said beautiful things you should be proud of.

I am proud of you and even still proud to be called your friend.A true Friend is the greatest gift of our life which is hard to find and once you get never let him go. Friends who prove the closest, dearest, loyal, faithful and the best companion are called true friends. All good friend essays are in simple English language and useful for essay writing competition for students in schools and colleges.

You can select any essay on a good friend as per your need and interest:. A true friend is the person who is believed to be the closest and dearest one for any boy or girl. Without any friend life is just meaningless and dull. To find a good and best friend is just like to win the half of the world.

A child learns good or bad habits from his or her friend but if one gets good company as friend he is the luckiest person in word. Never lose those friends who were always besides you in your bad time. Any relation can be stronger if it adds friendship in to this for example a father or a mother can be the first friend of their child who helps them in growing with best upbringing for the better way of life.

Thus we can say that this relation is about good listeners. There is nothing can be hidden among true friends and friends never lies to their best buddies. This is the greatness of true friendship. A true friendship is the most beautiful blessing from god which is needed to be treated and nourished like any priceless thing in world. A good friend is someone difficult to find with no expectations and no demands.

A Good Friend Essay

True friends are always caring, loving, loyal, passionate, a little bit critic and most importantly trustworthy towards their friends. These qualities make a friend as a good friend. The person who cheats you, talks behind your back and laughs at you can never be your true friend. To have a good friend is always like getting a real pearl. A king can be a true friend of a poor beggar and a poor labour can be a good friend of a rich industrialist.

Lord Krishna was in unconditional true lovable friendship with poor Sudama. Friendship of Krishna and Sudama is a milestone for all of us. They were like soul mates. Their friendship was on that level where if one get hurt other feels the pain. To follow the simple rules of friendship is not easy for all it require a kind of faith trust and loyalty towards their friends.In a family having a sister is always a treasure to be cherished and they can the frustrating if they happen to be the elderly one in a family setting and they can also be the best thing that ever happened to you.

When you need to show how much your sister means to you, her birthday is one special moment to make it all known. Use the words of love encapsulated in these short and long Happy birthday messages or paragraphs for your dear sister. Thank me later. Little by little the journey goes on, Step by step it may seem so long. Just think about the present, you can handle it. In my past life, God said a gem is going to be born today and I give you a boon that you get to be this beautiful gem. Happy birthday, sister.

May every path be clear for you, May every corner brings you good surprises, may every day put a smile on your face, may every friend bring you happiness and joy, may you get whatever you always pray for, and may you never forget me. I wish you a very Happy birthday, sister. Bundles of prayers for you. Have a lovely birthday, sister. In soft gleaming night of stars, May all your dreams come true, May every star of every night, bring love and Joy to u.

Happy Birthday, sister. Cruise in the Boat of ambition, and land on the sea of success, luck is yours, wishes is mine may your future always shine.

With lots of love happy birthday, sister. This day, the most beautiful female mind was born into this beautiful world. Live long amidst love. Today is a day of celebration. Because, years ago on the same day, GOD sent me my flesh, bone and conscience. A prayer: God bless your way A wish: to lighten your moments A cheer: to perfect your day A text: to say happy birthday. Happy birthday to you once again, sister.

You may not be Perfect in many things but many things cannot be perfect without you. Stay special in your own Little Ways. Fantastic Answer by a philosopher to a question asked at the BBC. Define Birthday! Because today is your day, its an opportunity for you to know that you are special and special things are for you today, I wish you all good things happy birthday to you, sister. Let the GOD decorate each golden rays of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness and prosperities for you, wish you a pleasant Happy Birthday.

May every single dream of yours comes to reality. May all your life be filled with loving reminisce. May we always be together.I just thought it may be an idea to post incase anyone else was having problems researching but I am a little unsure if I am allowed to put names and addresses on here. JSC Suggestion Home About Contact Online Earn money. January 24, Shortcut Rule. Some time are not common any paragraph. When every student are think what I am writethey did not find any way to write.

all good side paragraph

If you write an paragraph you will be get 10 marks for this paragraph writing. In 10 marks are very essential for an student. If you know some shortcut rule to write an paragraph, It is very easy to write an paragraph. Here are some paragraph shortcut rule. In 1 paragraph Memorized you can write 11 paragraph very easily.

So don't waste any time ,Memorized this paragraph and write an paragraph very easily. By nature we are social being. We cannot live alone. So we live in society. We can see various types of people in it. Though all are not important but they are part and parcel of our society. They may be different professions such as doctor, teacher, fisherman, poet, singer, player etc.

He is a common person in our society. His truthfulness and honesty are unthinkable. We like him very much for him simplicity and friendly behavior.

It is our duty to be careful about him. We must help him as much as we can. We can do anything positive in our society by the help of a. We are greatly impressed by his towering personality. Paragraph name:. Unknown August 17, at PM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Follow by Email. Application video. Job Apply video.It is a great virtue.

It is the key to success. The true happiness and prosperity of a man entirely depends on it. It brings peace of mind. The man who has acquired this quality is respected by all. On the contrary, the man who has lost this quality is hated by all. He may succeed for the time being. But he comes to sorrow in the long run.

all good side paragraph

By dint of N. P all can shine in life. Many persons in the world become great by virtue of this quality. P may lead the whole world to peace and prosperity. All religions teach us to form this quality because it is the glory of life. It is a noble quality. It inspires everyone to go ahead.

It is true that nothing can be gained without this quality. To sum up N. P is an important element and successive assort of human life. So, all of us should form this habit for the progress and prosperity of life. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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